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Service Packages

Client Centre Outbound Call Centre SWAT Marketing


We’re proud to serve a growing list of North American clients in a broad range of sectors including:

International technology service partner/provider, located in 10 countries.

A major distributor of gourmet gift foods and baskets to florists, gift basket distributors, upscale food markets and cataloguers across Canada.

"You were very timely and had great follow-through. I would use you again in the future. Great impression of TMS. You met my expectations. I would recommend you to others in search of this type of request."
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Michele Gonzalez, Marketing Coordinator
American mortgage lender

Client Centre Service Packages
Choose from (4) Support Packages that provide your business with the flexibility to expand with TMS services, as your business grows.
(1) Support Pro
Right from the get-go, your business can connect to one, or all
three of these key support services. Our Agents are highly-
trained and ready to provide:
Voicemail to Email
  • TMS Agents centralize messages to laptops and PDA's
  • Can't access email? Call our toll-free dial-in number to check messages
  • Ideal for coordination with out-of-office sales force
  • Combine this service with any TMS service listed
Switchboard Service
  • TMS Agents transfer calls to individuals or locations
  • Available via automated attendant or live, for personalized response
  • Centralize calls for reporting and tracking purposes
  • Ideal for hotels, office buildings, franchises, etc.
  • Combine this service with any TMS service listed
Message Service
  • TMS Agents dispatch messages to a specified location or centralized number
  • Prioritize calls. Retrieve after hours, in meetings or on vacation
  • Ideal for contractors, realtors, employees, etc.
  • Combine this service with any TMS service listed
Enhance your Support Pro package with the addition of Support Pro Plus and Support Pro Advanced for increased agent/customer interaction.
(2) Support Pro Plus
Receptionist Service
  • TMS Agents will provide an average of 60-90 seconds per call
  • Agents prioritize calls, check your availability and transfer on request
  • Call screening identifies low priority calls and increases overall productivity
  • Low priority callers can be transferred to assigned numbers, to voice mail and email accounts or messages written
  • Ideal for large and small office environments
  • Basic and general inquiries or FAQ's will be answered promptly and professionally
  • Combine this service with any TMS service listed
(3) Support Pro Advanced
Reservation and Appointment Coordination
  • TMS Agents will provide an average of 90-180 seconds per call
  • Agents book reservations, accept or arrange cancellations and confirm appointments during heavy booking periods or non-business hours
  • Avoid lost customers, cancellation costs and missed appointments
  • Ideal for restauranteurs, professionals, special events, tradeshows, seminars, etc.
  • Advanced and in-depth (general) inquiries or FAQ's will be answered promptly and professionally
  • Inquiries requiring Level 1 technical support via a flow-chart will be answered
(4) Support Pro Premium
Maximize your customer service response with the addition of
our Support Pro Premium package:
  • TMS Agents will provide answers to a full range of general inquiries or FAQ's
  • Personalized responses are provided promptly for calls requiring order processing, dispatching contractors/employees, etc.
Package Rates
TMS rates are structured to accomodate each client's requirements whether services are required on a month-to-month basis or a short- or long-term arrangement. We'll be pleased to discuss your preferences and provide quotes promptly on request.
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