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Social Web Advantage Team (SWAT)


We’re proud to serve a growing list of North American clients in a broad range of sectors including:

International technology service partner/provider, located in 10 countries.

A major distributor of gourmet gift foods and baskets to florists, gift basket distributors, upscale food markets and cataloguers across Canada.

"Tactical Marketing Solutions has been the answer to many of my needs. I required quality, professional order-taking and message services for multiple international locations and I have received it. My experience with Tactical Marketing Solutions has been top-notch with rapid response to any of my questions and inquiries..."
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Bhaskar Bhowmick, President
Leading Canadian distributor of gourmet gift foods and baskets.



Tactical Marketing Solutions offers high powered tailored marketing services designed to not only increase awareness, increase sales and help your business grow - but will also allow you to better manage your business by taking the weight of marketing off of your shoulders.  


How our SWAT Marketing Program works:


Brainshare Assessment & Strategy Session

Gathered in a war room with you and our team (and plenty of white board space and blank sheets of paper), we discuss what marketing efforts have been done, how they were tracked and what the results were.  We also have a green light session - where no idea is bad, stupid or outrageous - to come up with fresh ideas, initiatives and tactics.


Wave Marketing Plan  

Powered by the energy and ideas generated by the Brainshare Session, a tailored, budget conscious, Wave Marketing Plan is crafted and presented to you with up to 3 executable options.


Social Media Marketing

Take your marketing message viral with the power of the social media networks. Our Social Web Advantage Team is your weapon in the world of social media! See how businesses all over the world have begun to expand through social media, and then begin your own global domination through our SWAT programs. Be in control of your online reputation!


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